2013: A New Social Order

December 18th, 2012

Your fans and followers are exactly that – yours. And no one should know them better than you do.

To get ready for 2013, ask yourself three simple questions:

– Do you know if your fans are also customers who use your products or services?
– Do you have the ability to reach your fans outside of social networks?
– Do you know what your fans like, and what they have in common?

If not, then make getting the answers to these questions your top priority for the year ahead.

Brands that learn how to use Social Data to understand their fans and personalize their approach will have a huge competitive advantage.

Why? Because people want to be treated like the unique individuals that they are.

That’s why personalization works.











Social data holds the key. 

The information that people share in social – from basic demographics to their unique interests and likes — gives you the power to personalize your approach to them across all of your marketing and communications efforts, not just social.

Start collecting fan insights, as well as permission to use them both on-network and through your own brand channels where you can.

Leverage what you learn to personalize your approach to everyone from casual followers to loyal customers across social, email, online ads and website promotions.

2013 will usher in a new social order. 

Make this the year you take control of your brand’s social destiny.