Advancing on our Vision: Fan Appz & the SAP Startup Focus Program

October 23rd, 2012

SAP LOGOAs a lean startup with big data ambitions, we knew that someday we would need a partner with enterprise scale solutions and expertise. After all, our goal was to help our clients — some of the world’s top brands — go from just engaging with fans in social media to using social data insights to turn those fans into loyal customers.

Specifically, we wanted to help our clients capture, analyze and use social data insights from their hundreds of millions of social media fans and followers to improve the targeting, personalization and performance of ALL of their Marketing efforts.

This meant tracking up to tens of thousands of attributes about millions of individual fans, and being able to gather actionable insights at both the aggregate and individual level. That’s big data!

In Spring of 2012, we were ready.

We wanted to expand on our pioneering Social Database solution to make it the Social Media industry’s first enterprise-class Consumer Insights Hub. Comprising a robust Social Data Warehouse and Social OLAP Dashboard, the hub would make it easy for clients to gather, organize and store all of the data captured through our Social Experience Apps — including the social, behavioral, and direct input data.

Through our research, we quickly found the SAP Startup Focus Program and the Experience SAP HANA Community. And, after a series of meetings to discuss our business, our ambitious goals and opportunity for meaningful innovation in a dynamic, super-charged market, we were accepted into the SAP Startup Focus Program.

Impact and OpportunityGrow Image

The experience and the impact on our business, just three months into the process, has been amazing. SAP provided hands-on technical training and access to the resources we needed to quickly begin development. Now, not only have we been able to roll up our sleeves and dig-in to the HANA in-memory solutions, but we have been invited to participate in numerous marketing and communications opportunities.

Last week at TechEd, we presented our demo to SAP customers, networked with other startups in the program, and briefed tech bloggers and reporters on our work with HANA. The spirit of collaboration, innovation and camaraderie was both impressive and humbling.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the SAP Startup Focus Program, and look forward to still more collaboration at Constellation’s Connected Enterprise Conference Nov. 9-11 and SAP SAPPHIRE in Madrid.