Fan Appz Data Empowers Brands with Social Intelligence, Drives Marketing Value

February 23rd, 2012

Fan Appz Social DatabaseLooking back, 2011 was a successful year for Facebook fan pages. If you’re a social media community manager, you may have doubled your fan base with at least 20 percent of your fans “actively engaged” on your page. Both are proud accomplishments. But underlying this success, we recognized an emerging progression, or evolution, that savvy social media marketers are beginning to follow.

We believe this evolution of social media marketing can be described by four active phases: grow, engage, learn, and convert. Upon first entering the social media space, a marketer’s primary focus is growing its fan base and overall social media activity. Next, marketers often focus on engaging their fans, which involves having more personal and valuable interactions that deepen relationships with fans and allow the brand to be heard above the “noise” on Facebook. The majority of companies are still in the growth and engagement phases. As companies prepare and/or enter the learning phase, many marketers are missing a valuable ingredient: social intelligence.

Social intelligence is the capacity to leverage social media data about fans to help brands improve, accelerate, and optimize their marketing programs. In the learning phase, marketers begin to increase their “social IQ” by gathering qualitative and quantitative data to enable a deeper understanding of their fans. Finally, in the convert phase, marketers can turn this social intelligence into actions that improve their marketing programs.

But how? Build a better database. Sounds simple enough. But very few companies are capturing enough actionable data to take full advantage of their marketing opportunities. Instead, today most social media interactions provide marketers with limited data that offers a one-dimensional view of their online communities. For marketers, acting on that information is like trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube by only looking at one panel.

That’s why today we’re excited to formally announce the Fan Appz Social Database, our new product that harnesses fans’ evolving likes, interests, habits and social engagement with brands to improve various marketing programs (eg, email, website content, catalog, direct mail, sweepstakes, advertising, etc). By tapping into the Social Database, brands can effortlessly collect rich, actionable data about fans through their social interactions with marketers and their content. The Social Database empowers marketers with a much deeper understanding of their fans’ interests and behaviors and the ability to provide more personal and engaging one-to-one interactions with them.

The Social Database also empowers marketers to integrate social intelligence across all marketing channels with a wide range of benefits such as: real-time qualified leads, improved engagement rates, higher conversion rates, and opportunities to personalize user experiences and increase lifetime customer value. Using this data can also grow TV viewership, improve ad response rates, and help increase profitability.

For illustration, consider a series of polls run by Retailer X, in which fans vote on their favorite new apparel. Using poll results, Retailer X can integrate the fan favorites into store signage, store these data points in its customer database, and tie each poll response to a unique customer record. The next round of promotional marketing emails from Retailer X to fans can dynamically personalize the email subject line and content reflecting unique customer preferences.

Highly-customized content leads to more email opens and click-throughs, increased transactions, and a higher average order value. The newfound success of the email program is a direct result of social intelligence.

As the social media landscape evolves at break-neck speed, the demands of savvy marketers have become more sophisticated. Building a social database today is more than just one part of the marketing mix. Rather, it provides brands with a critical, much deeper understanding of their fans and the social intelligence to propel a company’s marketing engine to fire on all cylinders.