FOX Broadcasting Celebrates GLEE’s 500th Performance

March 4th, 2013


Today, FOX Broadcasting began celebrating GLEE’s 500th Performance by letting fans vote for their favorite songs from seasons 1 – 4.

The GLEE promotion uses Fan Appz’ Open Graph Game App, which inspires fans to flaunt their knowledge, share their opinions and challenge friends to compete.

Like all of our Apps, the game enables social data capture and – best of all – each in-game action is reflected on fans’ timelines and tickers (think Spotify), drawing still more players into the game.

Here’s how the GLEE promotion works:

Each day this week, Gleeks (fans) are asked to vote for their favorite of 15 GLEE performances by genre.

– Today (Monday) the genre is Top 15 Love Songs

– Tuesday, it will be Top 15 Solo Performances

– Wednesday, it will be Top 15 Group / Duet Performances.

Fans who play the game authorize the app and then choose their favorites every day. They get points if their selections match the audience’s overall top pick of that day.

Once they have submitted each day’s answers, fans are encouraged to invite friends to play and share their answers across Facebook and Twitter.

On Thursday, March 7, the GLEE team will announce the most popular songs.

While this particular GLEE promotion lives in Facebook (where the popular program has 22+ million fans), our games can reside on sites of all kinds and require no custom development.

With the daily addition of new questions, real-time scoring and a leaderboard, they keep fans coming back time and time again.

The GLEE game is now over, but you can watch the screencast here:


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