SAP Helps Fan Appz Achieve its Big Data Goals

October 17th, 2012

Jon Siegal

Jon Siegal, founder & CEO, Fan Appz, Inc.

Here at Fan Appz, we work with clients with some of the largest social media audiences in the world, representing hundreds of millions of fans and followers. Our platform provides brands with an extensive array of Social Experiences to engage their social media audiences, and to capture and remember valuable behavioral and social data from every interaction.

Each social interaction a brand secures through one of our Social Experience Applications brings insights that can be used to improve the personalization, targeting and performance of their marketing efforts. Clients can also ask for personal inputs on specific topics to further customize their marketing and communications with fans, prospects and customers alike.

For example, one of our large retail clients used our Social Experience Apps to ask moms on Facebook to rank which items they most wanted for Mother’s Day. Our client used that data to create a multi-channel marketing campaign across its social, email and print catalog efforts, as well as on-site and in-store promotions. The campaign drove a significant increase in sales of the items the moms picked for that season, and has inspired a multi-year collaborative engagement with fans.

As the sophistication of our clients’ marketing campaigns grows, so does the amount and complexity of the data we’re helping them manage. By March of 2012, that explosion of relevant social data inputs posed both technical and economic challenges that we needed to solve in order to support clients’ growing needs and our own strategic goals.

After all, our mission is to help brands use social data insights to improve the targeting, personalization and performance of all of their marketing efforts, from social, email and online advertising, to on-site and in-store promotions. Call it a marketer’s utopian dream, but our vision is for brands to address each fan as an individual, not as part of some mythical mass audience.

Hence, this spring we began looking for a technology partner whose underlying technology was capable of addressing our technical and business requirements. At the same time, we sought a partner who embraced our vision and ambitious goals, and could provide a level of collaboration and support that would accelerate our ability to meet product development milestones.

Enter SAP HANA. Through our research, we quickly discovered SAP HANA’s next-generation database solution. It enabled us to provide our clients with real-time analytical processing of large volumes of complex data. And through joining the SAP HANA Experience program, we were able to get the hands-on training and access to resources we needed to very quickly begin development.

Some might call it a dream to address each fan, prospect or customer as an individual. But we’re confident that, someday soon, we’ll just call it smart marketing.