What do you know about your fans?

November 19th, 2012

Last week, entrepreneur Mark Cuban made his position clear on Facebook, and the perceived decline in reach some brand pages have experienced.

And over the weekend, Facebook responded to those concerns, which have been raised by a number of brand page managers, saying the average reach remains the same.

Regardless, brands everywhere are asking themselves how much they should continue to invest in building out and engaging with their audiences in social media.

But perhaps the better question is, what do you know about the fans and followers you already have?


What have you done to learn about them? Are you collecting permission-based social authentications with each interaction?


Do you have basic demographics, likes and interests? Have you been collecting emails and permission to use them?


And, if you do, what are you doing with that data?  Are you using those insights to do a better job in your marketing and communications?


If there is one guiding principal we recommend, it is — wherever you go and whatever you are doing there — collect the data.

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how few brands are doing it — even though by now they may have tens or even hundreds of millions of fans and followers across multiple networks and a variety of sub-brand identities.


Tuesday we announced the launch of our new Personalized Marketing Platform, the next-generation social media marketing solution that helps companies capture social data and use social data insights to drive sales and repeat purchases.


We also shared our updated mission, which is to help brands convert fans into customers and turn good customers into great ones.


But whether you’re making that first connection with a fan or building on five years of interaction, it all still starts with providing engaging experiences and compelling promotions that inspire fans to jump in, participate, and share with friends.

So today we wanted to let you know about a few innovations and enhancements we’ve made to our Social Experience Apps.

These include a superior mobile experience for consumers using smartphones, a ‘Refer-A-Friend’ feature that rewards fans for sharing, as well as streamlined integration with Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ (in addition to Facebook and Twitter).

Here’s how these changes affect our newest and most popular apps.

New Prediction & Trivia Game App: Used by major brands during the London 2012 Olympics, our prediction & trivia games keep fans coming back time and time again.

With the daily addition of new questions, real-time scoring and a dynamic leaderboard, the games make it easy to challenge fans to predict the outcomes of contests and sporting events, or to showcase their knowledge of your products – be they films, fashion or consumer electronics.

Built as an Open Graph application for Facebook that can reside on sites of all kinds, the games reflect each player’s actions on their Facebook timelines and tickers, drawing still more players into the game.

Click here to request a meeting or call to discuss how this new app can help you meet your goals.




Fan Appz' Updated Photo Contest App

Improved Photo Contest App: Our photo contest app now supports submission via Instagram (in addition to Facebook, web uploads and native mobile uploads for Apple iPhone users on iOS 6).

Uploading from Instagram

Fans can use Instagram to quickly submit photos by simply adding a hashtag of the brand’s choice (note that all images can be moderated by brands before appearing in the contest).

And once the photo has been moderated and approved, the redesigned photo contest gallery now offers sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.




Improved Sweepstakes App: Fan Appz’ popular sweepstakes app is now more flexible than ever.

Fan Appz' Mobile Sweepstakes Experience

It supports larger background images and custom form-building for greater creative freedom, and a mobile-optimized experience for consumers on smart phones.  For instance, here is how our new sweepstakes app looks within the Facebook mobile app for iOS.

Fan Appz' Sweepstakes App Rewards Fans for Sharing Across All Platforms

Finally, we now make it easier than ever to reward fans sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

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