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Open Graph Games: Engage your fans with a prediction or trivia game that inspires them to flaunt their knowledge, share their opinions and challenge friends to compete.

Our games, Open Graph applications for Facebook that can reside on sites of all kinds, make it easy to challenge your fans to share their knowledge of your brand or predict the outcomes of sporting events, contests and competitions of all kinds. Best of all, each in-game action is tracked in your fans’ timelines and tickers, drawing still more players into your game.

With the daily addition of new questions, real-time scoring and a dynamic leaderboard, our games keep fans coming back time and time again. They can be white-labeled for your brand and require no custom development.


Virtual Gift Store: Virtual gifts are very popular on social networks like Facebook. Fans send, receive and collect virtual gifts from their friends, and display them proudly on their profiles.

Our Virtual Gift Store makes it easy to create your brand’s own virtual gifts and sell them or offer them for free to fans. Create Flash or static image gifts and optionally assign values to them. Include a promotion with each gift if you wish, or create scarcity by limiting the number of each gift available.

The Virtual Gift Store lets you promote your brand or a new product with very little effort by tapping the power of your fan base.


Polls: Polls are one of the simplest yet most engaging ways to connect with your fans, and Fan Appz makes them easy to create and promote.
Polling your social audiences can give you valuable feedback about what is important to them. Simply ask a question and provide two or more choices for your fans to vote on. The results are shared for everyone to see, helping to virally grow your base. Adding images or video to your polls will make your fans even more inclined to share.


Quizzes: Competition and bragging rights go far in social media, and quizzes are a great way to spark your fans’ competitive natures.
We offer two types of quizzes: “How well do you know?” and “Which one are you?”

The first tests your fans’ knowledge on a particular topic and calculates a score based on their answers. You choose the answers and questions, and make them as easy or as difficult as you wish.

The second type of quiz allows your fans to learn “what” or “who” they are most like based on a series of questions (for example, “Which cartoon character are you most like?”). These outcome-based quizzes are fun for fans to share with their friends, and easy to create and promote.


Top 5s: There is no easier way for your fans to express themselves than by making a top 5 list of their favorite things.

Top5s allow you to create a catalog of image content groups, such as players, celebrities, foods, etc., and let your fans choose their favorites from the group. Their choices are saved and displayed for everyone to see. This drives viral sharing by engaging friends-of-friends to help promote your page.

All of our engagement apps can be “like-gated” to require visitors to like your page in order to play. Add images or video to your fan experiences to make them even more entertaining and fun to share.

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