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One statement often heard from brands when establishing their social media presence is “We want to grow our fan base!”, and Fan Appz offers a feature-rich platform to help accomplish this goal. The platform helps you develop brand-centric content that speaks to your fans and invites them to participate and share your content with their friends. By driving this engagement, your brand will increase the number of impressions your content receives which exposes your fan page to more relevant prospects. More impressions to a relevant audience leads to fan growth. The content can also be leveraged and displayed on your webpage or elsewhere for your non-Facebook community, helping drive more “likes” on your Facebook page as well.

Whether you are creating polls, quizzes, top5s, sweepstakes or offers, Fan Appz offers simple yet powerful applications that engage your fan base and encourage sharing and ultimately growth by empowering your fans to become your evangelists. All of our applications have the option to require visitors to “like” your fan page in order to participate with your content, leading to significant growth of your fan base. For example, using our platform, a TV network grew a social presence for a show from 1,500 to 365,000 in one week, and drove 1.4 million video views and 1.2 million printed coupons for a partner restaurant.

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