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Effective social marketing is not just about the size of your fan base, but also about how your fans are engaging with your content. Fan Appz engagement applications are designed for that purpose — to create unique and brand-specific experiences for your fans that enable them to interact with your brand. Polls, Quizzes and Top5s are designed to help you frame your messages in a way that invites your fans to participate with and share your social media content.

In addition to engagement applications, Fan Appz offers powerful promotional applications. Build a sweepstakes in which your fans are incentivized to invite their friends, or create an exciting promotional offer that requires fans to “like” your page and check in to a physical location to unlock an offer.

Understanding and optimizing your performance through analytics is the key to a successful social media strategy. Fan Appz provides the tools to not only understand the performance of your engagement and promotional content, but also to manage and analyze all of your posts through the our publishing & analytics services. By analyzing your posts and identifying what drives impressions and engagements, you can optimize your future posts.

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