icn-increasefanPublish Content & Track Impact

Today’s marketers are under extraordinary pressure to create compelling content that is interesting and engaging for fans…. every single day. That’s why we created a simple admin publishing and analytics service that makes it easy to schedule, track and measure the impact of every status update, image, video or link you post.

Fan Appz makes it easy to see which content is working – driving the most comments, likes and shares – and quickly adapt that content which is not.

Finally, you need to determine the return on your effort and investment, or ROI. Social media ROI is based on your brand’s unique key performance indicators (KPIs). Some brands seek to grow their fan base to collect more social data, while others want to drive traffic to a website or store. Once you determine your KPIs, we enable you to optimize toward those goals with better analytics, including aggregate impressions, clicks, completions, comments, and fan participation.

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