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How do I subscribe to Fan Appz?

If you are interested in taking a closer look at Fan Appz or are ready to subscribe, please click here and fill out the form and a representative will contact you shortly.

How do I login to Fan Appz?

Login to Fan Appz by either clicking the “Login” button at the top of the Fan Appz website, or by visiting and clicking the “Login” button.  You must be logged into your Facebook account to access Fan Appz.

How do I add another Facebook page to Fan Appz?

Add another page to Fan Appz by either expanding the desired Page Group in the page navigation on the left and then clicking the “Add Page” link, or by expanding the desired Page Group on the Edit Page Groups page and clicking the “Add Page” button.  Follow the prompts to choose a page to add.  NOTE: you must be a Facebook admin of the page you want to add.

How do I add or remove Twitter accounts?

Twitter accounts used for publishing can be added or deleted on the My Account page, which can be accessed by the link in the upper-right corner of any page.  Click the “Sign in with Twitter” button to authorize a connection to your Twitter account.  Click the “Delete” link next to any previously authorized Twitter account to remove it from the list.

If you are having trouble adding more than one Twitter account, you may need to logout of your Twitter account on the Twitter website before adding another account.

How do I add more users?

Users are added on the Page Group level, so anyone that you invite to a Page Group will have access to all the pages within the group.  To invite users, visit the Edit Page Groups page and expand the Page Group that you wish to add users.  Enter the email address of the user you wish to invite into the Email Address field and click the “Add User” button.  The person you invited will get an email from Fan Appz with instructions to accept the invitation and be added to the group.

How do I select a fan page to work on?

Select which fan page to work on by expanding a Page Group in the page navigation on the left side.  Then click the name of the page you wish to work on, and a new tab will open for that page.  To switch pages, simply select a different page from the list on the left.

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